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Be a Pen Pal. It’s more than Just Corresponding,
It’s Making a Difference to You and Someone Else.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I’ve been a pen pal for over eight years. It’s made such a difference in my life and to my pen pal too. Interestingly, I found him by chance when I was in third grade where our letter writing journey started from our mutual love of stickers. I’ve learned so much from writing and feel incredibly lucky.
And you can be a pen pal too. Go to my welcome page and sign up.
In addition to writing, I have worked to improve the environment in the Qinghai lake region. For the last four years I have helped rehabilitate this important area that provides water to many regions. I have worked with local students and they would love to write you.

See what others are saying:

“Nicole is great. She helped me make a connection that would not have been possible.”

“I love hearing and writing to my pen pal. I have learned so much, from so far away.”

“I love telling my pen pal about what’s going on here. It’s so much fun.”

“My pen pal is an elderly person. I had no idea that I would have learned so much from them. And they loved seeing some one experience life through young eyes.”

Why be a pen pal?

Writing to a pen pal is like reading a book that shows us a different world, but unlike the characters in the story your pen pal will answer questions and interact with you.
You get to know people who are really different from yourself. They may be a different age and from a different land and from different backgrounds – something that would be difficult otherwise.
It’s a great way to bring people of different cultures and beliefs together, eliminate stereotypes and really brings home the idea that we are all just humans.
Your pen pal will always have time for you. You can write when you have time no matter where you are and talk about things that would be difficult in a face-to-face conversation. Writing is introspective, and it allows you time to consider your answer.
And finally, your correspondence will leave you with a treasure-trove of memories.

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