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My name is Nicole.
Ever since the third grade, I have been writing to an elderly man named Allan whom I’ve gotten to know well through our correspondences, despite never having met each other in person. For nearly eight years we have been writing to each other through old-fashioned snail mail and, besides having the same birthday, we’ve found that we share many things in common.
For six years, we would write each other once every two weeks. During my freshman year of high school, Allan had a stroke. While he recovered somewhat and regained his powers of speech, he is still unable to write. Fortunately, we have been able to talk on the phone and his wife and daughters have told me how much my continued correspondence means to him. In turn, his letters have helped me immensely with the pains of growing up and dealing with loss. Both my biological grandfathers passed away before I was born, so Allan is essentially the grandfather I never had. I want others to have the same connection as I.